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promise raid on the MSI KT266a-RU?

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  • promise raid on the MSI KT266a-RU?

    Can these be used as regular IDE controllers for hard drives? I thought I read somewhere they can but only for hard drives and not for cd-roms...etc.

    I can't get mine to detect the hard drives. What I did is put 1 drive on the regular IDE controller and left the other one on the raid controller. My Bios would not detect the drive on the raid controller. So, I was messing around and did an Auto setup for the drive on the raid and it set it to raid 1+0. Then upon reboot the bios and windows did detect it and with full capacity of the drive.

    Is it safe to use 2 hard drives on the raid controller but not format the 2 drives as one?

    I am wanting to do away from raid and free up both drives that I I can have one for back up and storage. Also, just in case I format I would have another drive to send my files to until windows is loaded back up.

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    Check your motherboard manual, but there should be a jumper to select RAID or standard IDE function and make sure that the controller is enabled in BIOS. :smokin: