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Problem with Pioneer DVD rom

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  • Problem with Pioneer DVD rom

    OK im having a small problem with my Pioneer DVD-106 DVD rom its one of thouse slot ones any way the problem that im having is when i do a backup of a CD recently i noticed that im getting files missing on the burnt cd but yet when i copy it i get no errors at all. i have tried doing a on fly burn and a copy to hdd and then burn back to cd and problem still exists. at 1st i thought that the cdrw (HP 9500) was about to crap out but it seems that the pioneer dvd is messing up. my question is are there any utiities that will check it for me or something as i dont want to have this thing kick the bucket as it looks sweet. Thanks all
    Win xp, A7N8X, 512 ram, 100gig, 120gig hdd, amd [email protected] XP

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    Have you tried a new IDE cable?


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      no i have not tried a new cable... this kind of just happened and i never thought of that nothing was added/removed internally from computer so a bad cable isnt as big of a possibility but never the less i shall try it


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        Well if two different drives have caused a problem its likely the cable


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          no the problem is only with the pioneer i can do a backup with the HP with no problems but i just have to swap the disks