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    Guys, I would like to import this directly from Taiwan. Pricing will be A$69 GST inclusive. I would like to see what kind of interest there is in this product. If there is then I can bring a bunch in for stock. Basically it comes just as the card itself and Drivers and manual will be available on our web site.

    Let me know guys. For those who dont know what PC Guardian is here are the specs:

    What is PC Guardian 2000:

    PC Guardian 2000 is a computer card that protects you from computer software disasters caused by virus, Windows blue screen conditions, registry errors, etc. It even protects CMOS settings. So if you get smacked with a virus, system crash, user error or other calamity, just tell PC Guardian 2000 to restore your computer to the backup version it has hidden away. Within seconds, you are back in business, as if nothing ever happened.


    1. PCI-slot Interface
    2. The installation is simple, convenient and quick with no need to change the current hard disk partition, application software and operating system.
    3. Supports DOS, Win3x, Win9x, WinMe, WinXP, Win2000 or WinNT.
    4. Supports BIGDOS, FAT-16, FAT-32, and NTFS file formats.
    5. Intelligent installation design is provided with five protection modes available in installation settings: Non-restoring, Auto-recovery, Manual recovery, Timing recovery, or Data saving.
    6. Protects multiple logic partitions up to 30 concurrently.
    7. Adopting the latest technology, dynamically utilizes the hard disk space.
    8. The driver for Win9x/Me will be automatically installed by the recovery card so as to ensure that the system working in 32-bit mode has affected the system speed much less.
    9. The driver for PCI interface card will be automatically installed by the recovery card.
    10. Hard Disk Type: IDE/ATA/SCSI (over 8GB) supported
    11. Back up CMOS, and restore the backup as it is changed.
    12. Concurrently monitors the contents of hard disk and CMOS.
    13. Doesn't occupy IRQ or I/O
    14. The hard disk can continue to be in use when the recovery card is out of order or after the card is plugged out. PC Guardian 2000 will be automatically reinstalled when the recovery card is once again plugged in.
    15. Supports the multiple startups created by use of the partition management tool such as System Command, PQMagic, etc.
    16. CE and FCC approved