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  • two hdd

    hi all, i wanted to know if it is ok to put two harddrives in the same box with diferent speeds,

    example: one is 7200rpm and the other 5400rpm

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    sure, go for's not a prblem at all as long as you dont try to put them in a RAID config :laugh:

    although I would put the newer drive as master if you put them both on the same channel



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      Check my sig, I have the slower 5400RPM WD drive as my system drive and its set as master, and I have the maxtor, as 7200RPM w/ 8mb cache set as slave and I only have games on it. It works, check the HDD score from PC Mark 2002 :thumb: . : peace2: Mista K6


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        yep, work like a charm
        The IDE channel will slow to the lowest ATA device on the channel
        As that would be the drive you already have, no difference should be detectable.

        not rotational speed, data transfer speed
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