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  • HDD space goodness

    125gb here... yumm

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    Poor me -> 13gb :o


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      75gb here with 60GB IBM drive waiting to go in... :)


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        thats been sitting on your filing cabinet for about 2 months... ****e.. be surprised if those anomolous magnetic currents under the earths core haven't damaged it yet...

        (BOFH BOFH BOFH)


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          I've only got 65 G:devil:


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            compared to a lot of people thats a pretty LARGE amount of space there kheldar


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              dunno what that says about my space... or tweaks :)


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                I'm startin' strain the 20gigs here and no my Babes don't take that much. :p


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                  Bah HDD space is over-rated, i won't say wot i have so as to not put ppl to shame ;) hehe, nah the more u have the more u fill it up, the hotter ya PC Case is, and the more noise it makes...

                  i'd take my 8Gb Quantum back anyday if only it'd compress to 1Tb...


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                    12.8 here and i think iut is time for a defrag


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                      20 gig atm, up to 80 once i get my 60 gig ibm back from warranty :D


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                        i only got an IBM 40gig 60GXP and it is running sweet as! :)


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                          60GB at the moment. I have an IBM 60GXP with 40GB for normal use and a little older Western Digital 20GB unit I use for fresh installs of Windows for the purpose of benchmarking components. :)


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                            187GB :O :D

                            two 60GB maxtor

                            two 30GB maxtor

                            and a 6.5GB WD

                            all online, serving ftp and web, in one PC
                            (another 10 or 12 GB spread over the LAN)

                            so there :P

                            shameless self-promotion:


                            i hate maxtor drives, but i got no $ to replace them and they won't give my $$ back


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                              :D My current sweatheart has 2x20g Ibm 60gxp's in rd0 + an old Seagate 1.2 in Ghost for a recovery disc. Love It!

                              My old buddy, just replaced- 20g Maxtor + 6.8g Bigfoot (own two of them, probly the best hds I've ever owned)

                              My Bubba Box- 16.8g Seagate

                              My office box- 10g Maxtor + 6.8g Bigfoot (Boowho, she's showing signs of the end of the trail coming soon)

                              I think last spring'sexperiment of putting the Bigfoots in Rd0, wounded one of them. But, I can't complain they have run & run & run.........In raid they were bench'n out at 9.8 ms, which is pretty dam close to the Maxtor's. Hehehehe, good on Q :thumb: .

                              For anyone, this side of the big water, watch ,
                              on their rehab site. Their refurb'd Hd's are really cheap......the 16.8g seagate was on sale for $45 w/shp'g. 66 ata/7200....hey great kid's drive or spare or backup or what ever at that price.
                              But ya gotta watch the site several times aday, and grab one asap.......they go really quick. Check'm between 4-5pm pst. Their in stock any where from 10 minutes to an hour.

                              I guess about 100g or alittle in the near future. :D Always :hammer: on something.......:D