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    I have a Matrix 15G. The thing has just taken a viste to hell and likes it there. :devil: Well heres my problem. Im trying to install win 2k on it and well it installed fine for the first part. Then when the computer restarts it starts the second part of loading the OS for the first time. Well the Computer starts up fine but when it starts to go from the hardrive the screen goes black and is looked up like theres no tomarrow. nothing work the key board dead and the computer. Anyway i ask a friend and he said do a fdisk /mbr. I try this but win 2k (i have a very OLD 2 g hardrive with Win 2k on it) say that it can't format it so i can't get on to the hardrive to do anything to it. If you understand what im saying and my problem is can you plz help me.

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    Have a look at this link and see if the drive is compatable with that OS. ;)


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      win2k will install on at least a fat32 file system.


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        win2k will install on a FAT16 if ya wanted....


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          I don't think that is the case, it will ask you to convert to FAT32.