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IBM to buy Novell?

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  • IBM to buy Novell?

    IBM to buy Novell?
    Colombian site says within a month

    A report on Colombian site Evaluamos claims that IBM may buy Novell within a month.
    The Spanish language site says that sources close to IBM claim such a deal is on the cards, following Novell's purchase of SuSE Linux just a few weeks ago.

    If the report turns out to be true, that will certainly set the alarm bells ringing at Redmond, Microsoft's HQ.

    The Inquirer

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    This has been reported on for about the last 12months approx. now but I'll just wait till the papers are signed.


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      12 months? you sure about that? :confused:

      I've been hearing rumors for sometime, but this is the first time I've ever seen it mentioned in print on a news oriented website


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        Yes as I first seen it mentioned by some news site at the time I was lookin' to buy a house b4 I bought this place.


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          IBM Linux presentation

, in coordination with the Desktop Linux Consortium, is making select presentations from Monday's groundbreaking conference at Boston University's Corporate Education Center available.

          Sessions from the well-received program included talks from key companies and open source projects bringing Desktop Linux into the enterprise.

          The first presentation in our series is from IBM's Sam Docknevich, Linux and Grid Services Executive for IBM Global Services. His presentation discusses IBM's push into the Linux desktop market, an initiative from inside "Big Blue."

          View IBM's presentation


          With IBM putting more weight behind Linux, I can see why Microsoft is pumping money into SCO for that court case. Don't forget that they're also working closely together developing the (cell) processor for next xbox.