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    Some happy news for all you Intelfans..

    "In order to make up for a lack of clock speed improvements, Intel will be introducing the 800MHz FSB (200MHz quad-pumped) on the 0.13-micron Northwood Pentium 4 processors before Prescott's release. The release will happen in Q2 2003 and instead of offering higher speed CPUs, Intel will go back and offer 800MHz FSB versions of CPUs as slow as 2.4GHz. These new 800MHz CPUs will also have Hyper-Threading support, which should make them very attractive purchases. Prescott will obviously support the 800MHz FSB as well."

    "According to Intel's latest roadmap (current as of last Friday), Prescott will debut at least at 3.20GHz and will be made available with a 1MB L2 cache."

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    Grrr... You hear all of this nice stuff about to be released about Intel, since when are AMD going to make their CPUs any better?! I mean you can only get a tiny 333 FSB Max at the moment, and all I've heard is that AMD has made a new way of making their CPUs up to 10 times as fast, but you never hear them figuring out the date to release these oh-so-great processors...

    I'm just furious that I might revert to Intel chips instead of AMD if I want good speed, they need to either make the 7th generation a heck of alot better within a short period of time, or bring out a 9th generation of chip...

    I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has noticed this...


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      Hah, as I get nasty over AMD for not bringing out anything, I suddenly hear about their 8th generation chip, but, I still can't see any date!


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        Should be March/April next year at one of the big shows that go on at that time of year. ;)