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  • Upgrade Card Available??

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so if you Admin's move it, that's OK.
    This may be a dumb question to alot of you, but I'm not real bright. I saw a company "Evergreen", I think, that had some "upgrade cards" for older PC's. I read through their site & think I pretty much decided their product was not for my "experiment".
    What I'm curious about, is there a "plug-in" card one could use that would add, say a couple hundred MHZ to ones available proc.'ing power?
    I use a AMD 2400+ currently on a FIC AM37 board & that's as far as I can go without changing boards. I realize the cost may be about the same, but I'm just curious if something like this is available, & if it's realible (reliable?).

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    Never heard of anything like that...

    Increasing your Frontside Bus speed in your BIOS is how to make your processor faster :cool:.


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      Those Evergreen chips tend to be for older 486 era things ;)


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        AMD MAN, yeah that's what I figured out on their site. They were mainly to bring 486-era systems up to Celeron 500 class proc's. It did seem that they were high quality products, but would run you close to the same price to just swap out the whole MOBO & proc.
        I don't really even need any extra speed, (I DIDN'T say I didn't WANT it!!) but it would be neat to just plug in a card with a 200 MHZ proc. on it & instantly have that extra at your service.
        I KNOW it can be done. One of these days somebody will figure it out, patent it, & make a fortune. It just won't be me, although I might consider buying into the stock when that happens!!!


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          the last of the evergreen cards i heard of was a slot 1 adapter that could use P4 cpu


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            May as well run a dual CPU setup....sounds like the same thing to me.