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    I want to buy a P4B motherboard but I have questions :
    - can I put SDRAM PC133 inside ?
    - if it's possible, can I put SDRAM PC133 and DDRAM P2100 together in use at the same time ?

    Thank you to help me,


    Sorry for my english, I'm french.

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    The original Asus P4B motherboard will allow you to run PC133 SDRAM modules (up to 3GB max) as it uses the original i845 chipset. While this is very economical, it performs poorly. The PC133 memory just isn't fast enough to handle the speeds of the Pentium 4 processors.

    Asus also has a newer version of this motherboard called the P4B266 and it uses the i845D chipset which allows for the use of DDR modules. This is one of the best ways to run the Pentium 4 since the bandwidth of the memory is capable of giving you much better performance.

    As for using both types of memory together, the answer is no. I'm not aware of any Pentium 4 boards that allow for both PC133 and DDR support, but even if there is one, the two memory types are not compatible. You will be forced to run either PC133 OR DDR memory... not both at the same time.

    Hope this helps you out a little. ;)
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      The Elite Group ECS P4VXSD motherboard has both 168 & 184 pin memory slots - but you can only use one memory type at a time.
      It's an S423 socket - so no Northwoods, I'm not sure if they have an S478 equivalent or not.


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        Thanks to both of you. You gave me the answer I expected.