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MBoard turning off when i try to install win2k/xp

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  • MBoard turning off when i try to install win2k/xp

    its a gigbyte GA-6LA7 (AMI BIOS) (hmm will have to edit this ) mboard

    anyway when u get part way thru the install - the computer just turns off

    I tried it with minimal hw installed & have upgraded bios to latest version

    any ideas about what to try would be appriciated

    nb will add mb model when i get home

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    need mb model # ;)

    hurry up, go home now!


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      I've edited it:afro:


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        have you tried messing with the power options in the bios ? It could also be bios virus protection ??? My pc used to freeze during installs because of the virus "feature" so maybe your mobo turns off instead of freezing ????

        Moral to the reply --> Try messing with the bios !



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          i didn't think of turning off the virus protection (it may alredy be off) but i'll give that a go


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            What video card have got??? there are probs with winXP install and some GF2 cards....


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              I just noticed you have a small scsi drive......try removing it for the install and adding it later......I know of a couple of mates who have had troubles with winXP and older scsi drives.


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                I should have explained - its not my computer its my dads

                I've already tried it with just the minimum hardware

                its got a SIS graphics card - not sure what model


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                  just bring it to morbius...we'll fix it :D


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                    Are you doing an upgrade or a fresh install ? XP doesn't seem to upgrade too well, ie it doesn't (well hasn't for me anyway) !

                    Do you have any idea how far through the installation it gets ?


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                      tried both upgrade & clean install

                      basically it gets almost to the point where it asks a question (on clean install)

                      on upgrade: it gets past the loading win2k (black & white) and starts the "colored" part of the install - runs for a couple of secs & then shuts down