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  • Help with mates system

    AMD Athlon XP 1800+
    Epox 8kha+
    DDR Ram
    gf3 ti200 herc

    All put together system powers on gets FF on the bios chip which means clean boot from memory however nothing is posted on screen.

    AMD Cpu has been checked for cracks etc and it powers on everything fine but nothing is posted on screen.

    cant get into bios to set fsb or multiplyer

    cant think of anything tried two diffent monitors and 3 diff video cards with no result :/



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    i think this belongs here ;)
    TT Original


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      Have you cleared the BIOS? :?:


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          with the EP-8KHA+ - you should get several different debug codes during boot - ending up with FF when the system is running

          If you get FF immediately on power up - you've got problems.

          I had to research this ~ 6mos. ago because it happened to me.....mine turned out to be a bad bios chip & was replacd by my dealer.

          Appearantly not having your CPU or RAM seated correctly will cause the same symptoms, so check that first ( if you haven't already)

          One problem withe EP-8KHA series is that the bios chips tend to be a little flaky - more so with the original model than with the "+"


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            Yeah, it would be a good idea to make sure your RAM is seated correctly. I've read a few articles where that was a problem with the first bootup of an 8KHA+.

            Either that or you're pretty much screwed. Still got that receipt?

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              yup yup