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Athlon XP support for a KT133 chipset?!?

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  • Athlon XP support for a KT133 chipset?!?

    I've got a MSI K7T Pro2-A motherboard, which has the KT133 chipset... and was wondering if this would support an XP.. I'm fairly certain it won't, but i'm kinda hoping that someone will prove me wrong...

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    Well sorta not really as all XP's are 133FSB and that chipset won't support that speed but not's not to say that ya couldn't run it underclocked on a 100FSB but why? :smokin:
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      I just flashed my K7T Pro motherboard, the Predecessor to the K7T Pro2a and the notes to the bios specifically said it included the tables for the Athlon XP's. Now the KT133 chipset will only use the 100 MHZ bus of course, so you would have to underclock it to whatever the mutiplier is.

      For instance the XP1800+ would be 11.5 x 100= 1150Mhz instead of 1533.

      You would get SSE and he cooler core.
      You wouldn't have to reload your OS on a new board,

      There are some advantages.

      I would be tempted to just get a SiS 635 based motherboard like the ECS K7S5a because they can be had for so little. Around $60 US.

      Good Luck



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        yep, the kt133 can only take a cpu with 100mhz fsb

        You would have to underclock it for sure. Frankly, I really dont see the athlon xp working at all. Remember the abit kt7a (i think its that model) it has the kt133a chipset, and the first revision didnt support athlon xps. Kinda puts a big black cloud over the kt133 supporting it at all...

        I guess theres only one way to find out i guess....


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          it doesn't matter anymore.. I killed my Athlon recently (as you'll see soon.. ;) ) so i'm doing a big system upgrade eventually..