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Help with Mboard/Processor setup

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  • Help with Mboard/Processor setup

    I'm a bit new to the hardware side of things, and just bought an A7V266 board with an XP1500 Athlon processor and 256 meg DDR Ram. Using a GEForce 3 TI200 gfx card with Detonator 23.11 drivers on Windows XP Pro

    Problem is that I dont know what the bios settings ought to be to get this beast up and running. Can anyone shed any light, I dont have the manual for the motherboard, and cant find an idiots guide on the ASUS website.

    I'm not too bothered about overclocking it (yet) just dont want to be running it slower than it ought to be. Also, it seems to reboot itself a bit too often (like once every couple of hours) and stuffs me back in the BIOS again, telling me my processor setup was wrong! aaaaaaargh

    Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry if this is a dumb question, but I aint got a clue, I'm only a programmer!

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    most mobos (as far as I know) usually have a 'Load Performance Options' or something similar, which will set the BIOS to what it considers the best way to get performance out of the board. If you aren't quite sure which settings to change, then this is the safest bet.. Otherwise, someone on here should be able to give you a guide which will explain each and every aspect of the settings.. which will probably work a lot better, but just takes some time to set up..


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      cant see anything like that on it, there's a load setup default, would that set me up right?

      thanks for the reply, the more ideas the merrier.
      There's something about the System Frequency Multiple and the System/PCI Frequency and I am sure I have that set wrong.
      Any idea what it should be set to for an XP1500 processor?

      man, I am so bored with rebooting the thing, and if I never see the bios again it'll be too soon! heheheheeee


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        Does the computer actually work properly, or does the BIOS keep popping up all the time with an error?

        here's a suggestion.. set it all to default and see what happens. It won't be the BEST settings you can get, but at least it won't be bad.. Then, as other people start posting on here, you can gradually change settings to what they should be...

        If you get any errors when you set it to default, let me know...


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          thanks, I've done that for now


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            To my knowledge an a7v266 should have options to change DDR timings and such. Most other bios functions are either setup features or ways to speed up boot time. Try to lower the timings one by one until things start working funny and then go back to the one or two before. There might just be only the CAS Lat, thou I was under the impression the av7266 had more than that. Did you update the bios yet? I know it's kinda new but asus does have an update.


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              Man I was so going to link you to Adrian Rojak Pot's Definitive BIOS Guide --- but it's not there!!!

              Anybody know what happened to it, it sounds like Stew could really get some good out of it?

              Is it down, or has it moved? He just updated it like a month ago?


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                umm, i read something about that site being moved, cos they had probs with the server.. maybe wiggo will know it's new location...?


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                  Thanks for the advice, I've updated the bios, and I'll play around bit by bit with the settings, since setting it to default has made it pretty stable.
                  you've been a great help, nice to have somewhere to turn to.


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                    check near the bottom of the page at - its there; their site was DDoS'ed so they have moved it temporarily.


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                      Yep here is the tempory addy for that guide
                      so that should help ya. ;)


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                        i told ya wiggo would know.. ;)


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                          Thats a great link, just what I needed, clear and to the point.
                          I'm printing it all off, and then it's off to the BIOS, so if you never hear from me again...... hehehee

                          I also ordered a new fan for the cpu, as it seems to be a bit hot.

                          I'll let you know how I get on