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new system configuration and on going lock ups with XP and 9

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  • new system configuration and on going lock ups with XP and 9

    Hey guys,

    Can some one shine some light on the problem I having? This is a that I put together for my mother that keeps locking up under win 98 and win XP. I started out with locks up about after 15 mins...So after following the guide on the correct way to install the drivers (4-in1's..Video driver...etc..) with nothing seem to help the problem out I told her to format the drive...install win98 with out installing any drivers and install win XP pro (upgrade). This is the second time we tried this...first time we installed all the drivers in win98 before upgrading to winXP..

    The system is as the following...

    Abit Kt7a-raid motherboard (bios=ww)
    256 mb of infeneon 133mhz Sdram (1 chip)
    40 gb Maxtor hd (ata 100)
    US Robitics Winmodem (PCI)
    Soundblaster AWE 64 (ISA)
    Enermax whisper power supply (350 watt)
    Ati Xpert 128 video (PCI)

    and of course the other stuff...(

    The problem with that current setup is that is keeps locking up under win98 and win XP. When I first shipped the pc out it had a Evil King Voodoo3 w/tv out video card (AGP) and Win98. It worked fine when it left here but now it has problems. She installed WinXp over 98 to see if this would solve any problems. During the compatibiliy test it said that the 3fdx might have some problems and she installed it anyway..After XP was loaded and the problems were still there she thought that maybe the video was the she got the Xpert card and the same results followed.

    What I have done to help here it made sure that there was no conflicts and made sure that there was no deviced with problems..Under WinXp. all the drivers appeared to be loaded. I even had her updated all the drivers. I flashed the bios back down to WW (this use to be my mobo) which is what I ran with it and had no problems. I followed a guide on how to place the cards in order so nothing will share any IRQ's. I had her set the fail-safe defualts in the bios and made sure that the CPU speed was correct. I made her double check the jumper on the hard drive which was correct. I made sure that all the old driver were all the way unistalled (from old video card). I tried to load the the latest 4-in-1 drivers for Xp...(the hard drive has be reformatted since then and is not running any 4-in-1 drivers)....

    This pc even locks up when running through scan disk....the problem seems to happen on its own (nothing triggers it)

    It is weird cause she ran Sandra soft's system benchmark all the way through with out locking up.

    I would say it locks up every 15 mins or sometimes she can go longer...

    Anyone have any Ideas or can recommend a good all-in-1 motherboard?

    due to the nature of this thread I am going to copy parts of this thread in to the "Motherboard" thread to see if anyone can help me resolve the problem..

    thanks guys!

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    Silly question, but have you set up the motherboard's BIOS to read the video signal from the PCI port instead of the AGP? I use to have the same board, and I believe that AGP is standard. The lack of a card there may be sending your system into fits.

    Dunno... but it's worth a check to start off with.
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      Hi Darth... yes I sure did...still no go


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        Have you looked into the possibility of a heat problem, or power fluctuations?
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          what about the usual standard troubleshooting, remove all non-essential devices (leaving the hd, vid, ram, kb, mouse, monitor etc) and see if it still plays up... I would be suspicious of any ISA device...

          if not, maybe knock back the speed of the harddrive from ata100 to 66, maybe if the cables are rounded (non-compliant) the noise on the ide channel shags it up... if not, mybe the hd controller ship is hotting up...

          might be worth an extra case fan or 9...


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            Mr C. .....Yes I have the power supply..well atleast in the CMOS and everything seams to be over the voltage (exapmle...5v is 5.3v etc..) I also had her remove the modem and soundcard and still no go.

            Could a physical hard drive error do anything like this?
            What about a faulty MoBo?

            Thanks guys for your replys


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              Actually, I had ( or rather have, but not in use) a HDD that caused very similar errors, seemingly random, but eventually something would lock up the system.
              With that particular drive, it was impossible to run a scandisk or defrag. Then if you had scandisk enabled on a bad shutdown, you had to physically unplug the power supply from the wall, plug it back in, and hope you could boot after 3-4 tries.
              As far as errors caused by a faulty mobo - I reckon anything is possible, because there is so much on one to go wrong that will affect so much else
              The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                i still think it is definately possible that its HD error, why not try a fresh format/install with the HDD set to ata66


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                  have her remove the memory dimms and clean contacts and reinstall. I have had this problem on more than one system. You said it was shipped so the dimms may be loose also


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                    I had a similiar problem and there was a problem with my video card compatability. After changing video cards, all worked well. Problems range from locking up while in MS Word, locking up while playing games and locking up when in the system for 15 minutes. Sounds wierd, since the card seems to have the driver support...