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can i have 2X gtx 260 on my 890FXA-UD5

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  • can i have 2X gtx 260 on my 890FXA-UD5

    Hi my question is in the title

    i am lookin forward too get another gtx 260 on my board 890fxa ud5 is it possiple or i cant run sli on this board

    my system specs :

    Phenom ii x4 965 be
    3x 2 gb ddr3 1333
    gigabyte gtx 260 udv
    wd green 1 tb - wd blue 320 gb
    890fxa ud5
    600 watt ps

    i appreciate any help ,cheers

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    Re: can i have 2X gtx 260 on my 890FXA-UD5

    1 day i didnt get any answers
    is there any experts on this forums


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      Re: can i have 2X gtx 260 on my 890FXA-UD5

      Im only guessing but do you have two pci-e slots on that mb? With a big enough distance inbetween to fit two double width cards in? If so then I can't see why it shouldn't work does it mention sli/xfire in your mb manual?
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        Re: can i have 2X gtx 260 on my 890FXA-UD5

        sell them and buy 1 gtx 570...

        its ati xfire,not nvidia sli..... - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, LED LCD TV, Digital Cameras and more! zoom in on the blue slots at the bottom on the board.....xfire...take like 10 seconds and google stuff u own.
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