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HELP.. Slow boot/startup screen, ASROCK 890GX Pro3

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  • HELP.. Slow boot/startup screen, ASROCK 890GX Pro3


    I recently built a new computer using motherboard 890GX pro3 with configuration as follow:

    Windows 7 64 bit
    128gb OCZ SSD
    2TB HDD
    16GB RAM (4x4GB)
    AMD Phenom 2 X4 3.4 GHz
    Nvidia 460 GTX

    I noticed however that the start up screen (where you press F2/F11/Del/etc etc to get to BIOS) takes about 25 seconds before turning black and starting up windows. Windows starts up very quickly ~5 seconds. Any idea on how I can fix this? I do not overclock or change anything, all is still stock.


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    Re: HELP.. Slow boot/startup screen, ASROCK 890GX Pro3

    Sometimes it waits (long) for detecting CD/DVD drives or network response. Check inside bios setup to see if network-boot-rom is off (or disabled). Also detatch cd-drives and retry.

    By the way: Unplug all flash disks, and external hard drives before boot.
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      Re: HELP.. Slow boot/startup screen, ASROCK 890GX Pro3

      I have the same board and the same observation. I'm pretty sure the delay is because the board is detecting my external USB drive. On the plus side, the Asrock splash screen is one of the few Taiwanese graphics I can live with. :)

      Off topic, Have you tried "Turbo UCC" with your Pro3? Typing "X" at boot doesn't do anything and I can't find anything about Turbo UCC in the bios. I posted a question in the Asrock section but haven't gotten a reply after 50 views :(


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        Re: HELP.. Slow boot/startup screen, ASROCK 890GX Pro3

        If you look in your book under...6.BOOT SCREEN you will see there is an adjustment for the Logo time-out.It's called THE SETUP PROMPT TIMEOUT set this to what ever amount of seconds you what the logo show to stay on.If your logo show is staying on for 25 seconds or more chances are you have this setting set at 25 or there around.The setting is to set the pc to give you enough time to hit what ever buttons to get into the bios.I'm sure you had the experience of a logo show thats so quick you have to pounce on your keyboard to hit the right keys in time,9 time's outta 10 the post screen zips right by.This setting is to avoid that problem...........The setting as quoted from your booklet (below)

        3.6 Boot Screen
        In this section, it will display the available devices on your system for you to configure
        the boot settings and the boot priority.

        Setup Prompt Timeout
        This shows the number of seconds to wait for setup activation key.