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Epox 8K3A+ problems

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  • Epox 8K3A+ problems

    I just built my first computer now and here is the final parts list

    2200+ thoroghbred
    Epox 8k3A+
    volcano 7+
    Gainward Gforce Ti4600
    512 Kingston pc2700
    lite-on 32x12x40
    pioneer 16x DVD
    80GB Western Digital "Special Edition" (8MB cache)
    19" sony monitor

    I had a little problem when I pressed power.
    after starting it up the check led's on the MB were going nuts so I thought I had put everything together right. after waiting about 5-10 seconds I smelled something burning. so I shut it off. now the 240 dollar processor is dead. When I turned it on now the check led's dont do anything.

    I gave the computer to a friend and he put a 1800+ in it to test the MB and now it looks like the MB is dead too.

    After finding this out, I went on to neweggs cousomer reviews and found out that someone had the same exact problem with this mb and and processor and actually he burned out 2 2200+ so if anyone knows anything about this combination let me know. Thanks:(

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    Smells like ya had a major short there so I hope ya kept receipts. Did ya locate where the short occured? Also did ya make sure that the boards BIOS was up to takin' a T'bred? :?:


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      It said on the EPOX website that this MB could take this processor. and it looks like other people from newegg had the same problem. I could have been that the voltage regulator was bad on the MB.


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        the manual was last revised on march 15th so it could just be that the bios are old and they gave me the wrong version.

        I am trying to get them to send me a new processor and MB so far they rejected the processor and acepted the refund on the MB. I am trying to push the issue that it was their MB that fried my processor. I hope that they give me a new processor after all I did spend $1700 US on this thing I think it is the least that they could do.


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          Why did they reject the processor for? :?:


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            Their policy is that you have to return the processor with in 7 days of them shipping it. which by the time it is recieved and tested the 7 days is up. on top of that it has been 11 days since it was originally shipped and I was on vacation for the past 7 days. I hoping that they will give me an extened warrenty since it was due to the MB.


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              what sucks the most is I just found out about this today and didnt have time to contact them before they closed today now I have to wait until monday.


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                7 days, that sucks. Bad luck if ya just buyin' piece at a time as ya can afford it over a couple of months then. :eek: