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  • Micro-ATX P4 Solutions...

    I am trying to put together a real basic workstation, and am just wondering what mobo's people have seen round and in action, or those that other tech's have had nightmares with

    we have been using the Iwill mP4S mobo's in the past (i845, SDRAM) after all the issues (cold-start probs, win98 compatibility, and less-than-repectable performance in winxp), we have opted to not try out Iwill's new offering of the Iwill-mP4G (i845G, DDR)

    Currently I have come up with this list of options:
    Asus P4B533-VM
    MSI MS-6507E
    Epox EP-4G4M+
    Epox EP-4GLM+
    Giga-byte GA-8IEMK

    At the moment the Asus board is sounding good, anyone had any troubles with it?

    if there are any other options I would also like to know, but the main preferences are DDR ram and an intel chipset.
    Other important additions are on-board video, lan, sound etc etc.

    If you can also suggest a case to suit mATX boards please see this thread

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    VIA eden?


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      P4 solution - the eden mainboard is a fully integrated platform, ie. cpu is a via one...etc etc

      anyone else have any suggestions/comments/opinions??


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        Ok, I thought maybe you hadn't seen it.

        Why are you going with such small systems? Are they cheaper? or just have tight spaces?


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          Umm dont almost all of the microATX P4 boards have SiS chipsets?


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            Also chaintech makes some good microATX boards.

            Chaintech 9BID (Intel 845, no onboard, 2DDR266 DIMMS)
            Chaintech 9SIF2 (SiS 650, onboard audio/video/lan 2DDR266 DIMMS)


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              Ya really wouldn't want to touch the SiS chipset boards (too many quality problems) but there are plenty of Intel and a few VIA chipset boards out there, more than you'll find M/ATX cases. :smokin:


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                yeah well if most P4 mATX mobo's have SiS chipsets then I been looking in the wrong places (barely found 1 yet...)

                zeradul - these systems are for workstations here at work (accountants), they have to go out in the office(s) and taking minimal space is priority, ie. we pay $AU900 for decent 15" TFTs with the systems

                thanx for the chaintech suggestions:

                i looked further and found 9BIF and a few others
                the other thing I was looking for (and more importantly) is people's opinions of particular mobo's in regard to stability issues that a model may have etc etc. still, current popularity is with the Asus 533vm (here)

                actually, what about opinions of intel 845D/E/G/GL chipsets??

                that might help decisions a little better.

                thanx again people ;)