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Problems with new system... Help!

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  • Problems with new system... Help!

    I just bought my new computer recently and I've been having some problems that I can't figure out.

    Here are the main parts of my system:
    - Windows XP Pro
    - AthlonXP 2100+ Retail (with loud Original Fan/HS)
    - Gigabyte GA-7VRXP MB
    - Maxtor D740X 80 Gb 7200rmp U133 HDD
    - using on-board sound

    I guess the first problem doesn't necessarily fit into this forum, but the HDD seems sloooow. Using HDTach, I get a Seek Time of 12.2 ms and a Burst Read of 77 Mb/s.

    I can only seem to use the Drive in UDMA5 as well.

    What's related to this is that when I put the drive in UDMA5, my on-board sound starts to snap, crackle and pop. If I switch it down to UDMA0, 1 or 2, the sound is perfect again!

    What am I missing here?

    Thanks for any help or ideas!


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    Were the latest Via 4in1 drivers used or just the ones available in the os? Though those figures don't seem too bad but are you using 24" rounded cables? Oh and if you think a standard HSF sounds loud then ya've heard nothing yet. :smokin:


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      Yeah, the retail fan ain't that loud in the grand scheme of obviously haven't heard a delta 7000RPM fan before


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        I'm using the Via 4-in-1 4.40v drivers. I should say, the only time the sound crackles is when there's heavy HDD activity... such as booting up (the startup sound), loading big programs, etc.



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          I'm using the 4.38's atm and have no probs with the sound at all. :?: