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? EPoX EP-4G4A+ FSB/PCI dividers

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  • ? EPoX EP-4G4A+ FSB/PCI dividers


    Does anyone know whats the selection of FSB/PCI dividers there is? Can you set the PCI fixed?

    This info was missing in the EPoX EP-4G4A+ review.

    Thanks guys!


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    Yep im pretty sure u can set the PCI and AGP frequencies
    I've read it somewhere....will get back to u on that one :)

    Planning on doing some serious overclocking are we?? ;)


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      Here we are :thumb:


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        Thanks mate! :wave:

        Yep, going for som serious oc!
        This motherboard seams to be THE motherboard to have!



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          I too am looking forward to what u can do to this baby. I've been forever concentrating on AMD AMD AMD till I forgot that Intel DOES make CPUs :geek:

          Check out The folks there seems to get their oc-ing done well after the few initial hiccups

          Im still indecisive on what to get but the Epox seems to be a good bet for me, for now.


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            EPoX over the last 18mths has really forged ahead in the overclockers department as well as quality which is probably why I use their boards most often when building systems. They don't cost an arm or a leg either compared to bigger names either. :thumb:


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              you can lock the pci agp bus (works a treat)
              on the mobo there's a jumper which is a little mysteries in that if you set it for 100fsb , you get 3:4 fsb:ram setting
              when you set it to 133fsb you get 4:5 fsb:ram setting
              but when you run the fsb over 133 it will not overclock very well at all if you have the jumper set to 100fsb (you can still set the fsb indepedantly in the bios regardless of what the jumper is set to) . Which means you would have to have a 160FSB/DDR400 , because it will not run anywhere near 160 with the 100fsb jumper on to get 150FSB/DDR400 .That sucks a little but i personally can't complain , I get [email protected] ,or [email protected]:) , from a 1.8A . You also get a 4:3 ratio which is a big help in finding out exactly if it's your ram or cpu holding you back when using crap pc2100 (like me)
              Back to the heady days of the 300A if you ask me