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A7A266 & Athlon XP 1700+

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  • A7A266 & Athlon XP 1700+

    Well i have an A7A266 PCB Rev 1.03 with an Athlon 1.4 chip in it right now. But asus is saying i need PCB Rev 1.10 + Bios 1009 to run an AthlonXP or Morgan(Duron). But ive heard that there are some people that got it working on their board (not sure what pcb they have) I have Bios 1011 and PCB 1.03, anyone with the same config please let me know if you know that an athlon XP 1600 to 1800 will work in the system. PLEASE. i want to know before i buy 1 and i am happy with my motherboard (Overclockability / Ram types). NOTE: I have had NO freezeing / instabability with this motherboard so far, all has been fine for 7 months so far running it 24/7.

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    I have the A7A266-E motherboard and am wondering the exact same thing.... I want to buy an Athlon XP 1900+ and I need to know whether I need to update my bios for it to work? But im sceptical because the last time I updated my BIOS (not 4 months ago) i screwed the motherboard up and had to buy this one.
    I am using the BIOS that came with it... which is the same as the guy aboves. my system specs are practically the same too.


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      If Asus says that that's what ya need then they are probably right. :smokin:


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        guess what, over at in the forums i did some asking around, theres alot of ppl with pcb 1.03 and 1.04 with bios 1011 (both have the 10 dipswitch version of the a7a266) and the athlon xp 1800 runs great and so does the 1600.


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          Just to re-verify your response regarding AMD Athlon XP and A7A266, I have revision 1.03 and I updated my bios to 1011 and it runs my athlon xp 2000+ just fine. I am not quite so impressed with my A7A266 however, as my benchmarks are quite significantly lower in the memory benchmarks than where the reference benchmarks are. Try using SiSoft Sandra and see where your memory scores are in relation to the reference ALI Magik 1 and you might reconsider and purchase a new mobo with your new CPU.

          Just a thought.


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            i know about the memory thing, i benchmarked my system with it and i come VERY VERY close to the reference benchmarks, im just running a athlon 1.4 right now, so looks like im gonna go to a 1.53 (XP 1800+) soon now.


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              I have an A7A266-E Mobo and I just got sisoft sandra and my system configuration comparison wasnt listed...

              (anyone with an athlon t-bird 1ghz could u let me know your scores for comparison?)

              all I know is that I thought they were a little lower than they should've been

              I used to own a VIA KTt7-raid mobo (which i screwed with an (official) bios update) and that gave better memory benchmarks ....but.... I find that my Ali-magik gives a faster cpu performance...much faster than the VIA did... so I guess the question is...

              is the cpu benchmark result more important than the memory benchmark result?


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                I think that would depend on what you are doing. SAy you are a gamer, I think would would be Imperative needs, But the video card would be doing all the work anyway, it just helps if you have a high agp apatear size. Higher mem bandwidth also give you faster file system speed and everything that passes thru memory.

                Think of memory as a higherway between two cities. Higher the bandwidth the more cars will fit on the highway, the more ram the bigger the road. The faster the cpu/bigger the city the more crowded the road is etc....

                So say for instance you have a 866 P3 and 1024 PC133, Not a very busy Highway, But once u get a 1.4 Athlon or athlon XP 2200+ or P4 2400 , The more crowded it will become, but the faster it is too (PC2100+++, RAMBUS).

                So if you want a higher memory bandwidth, set you clock speeds up by a few mhz (what i mean is go to jumperfree mode and set the RAM/PCI speeds up a wee bit to say 138/36 i think is the right order, dont quote me on this thoug. But i set it up just a tiny bit and it made a big difference, because i have ddr anyway, 138mhz Doubled will be 276mhz and my ram does not even heat up and my cpu temp went up by 1-2 degree C , and the chipset just started to warm up which i took it off and put some arctic silver on and that helped a bit. So fool around and see what you can do. But i would prefer to have both high cpu and memory. It just makes thing more possible (faster DVD ripping).