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GA-7VRXP installtion issue...

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  • GA-7VRXP installtion issue...

    Hello, I just got my GA-7VRXP MOBO and am having a problem installing it to my MOBO tray. I am using the LL-60 Xoxide modified case.

    The problem:

    I cannot seem to put the MOBO flush against the back of the case (where the I/O ports stick out) because there is a metal hoop sticking out of the PS/2 / keyboard port. I have to really bend the hoop up to keep it flush against back of the case.

    What is that metal hoop? I thought it might have been a defect, but sure enough, the picture on the manual shows the hoop on there too. Do I need that hoop? Can I cut it off? I noticed that it touches the motherboard tray, will it short the board if I leave it on?

    I've taken a picture of the hoop and attached it to this message.


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    It usually just takes a little bit of pressure to push the motherboard flush and get a screw into position (I use a magnetic head screwdriver for putting the screw in one handed while the other hand holds the board in place) but whether these springs (I guess that's what they're called) are really necessary or whether removing them will have an adverse effect I really couldn't say but there must be a reason as an awful lot of them have them. Cases with a flipout motherboard tray are easy as ya use the tray to apply the pressure required but those with no tray or a slide out the back tray are awkward though after the number of them I've done I'm use to them. :smokin:


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      just bend the hoop back to the point where you can astually put the mobo in the case :)

      its not a defect, you don't need the hoop but if you cut it off, your warranty would most likely be void (i guess), no it won't short out the mobo
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        I really do not know how to say this in English. But I will try. :?:

        My guess is the hoop function is there to evenly distribute "static" energy.
        The power running through the cables (in this case PS/2 / keyboard port) can couse the housing (of the connectors) to be electrically charged. If the housing doesn't connect to anything, this could damage your motherboard. By connecting these housings to your casing this problem is dealt with.

        I don't believe this is a serious threat to your system, but I have to agree with Andy. If removing the clip causes damage you wont get any warranty.