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Novice with mobo question

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  • Novice with mobo question

    Hello all, just signed up and had a question about overclocking. Please keep in mind I have no experience with overclocking, but I have familiar with the concept and have been building my own PCs for several years now (fearful of overclocking). I am only now deciding to dabble with OC because I am on a bit of a budget and have met a good friend that has had great success with it!

    So down to the question...I am in the market for a new CPU/MOBO combo...basically best bang for the buck. After doing some extensive research I came to the choice of getting an Intel e5200 paired with a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L BUT after realizing that the EP DS3L does not support PCIe 2.0 I have now chosen to go with the EP43-DS3L. Will I still be able to overclock the e5200 with the motherboard?

    RAM - Corsair 4GB PC2-6400 / 800MHz CL5 DDR2 SDRAM (dual ch)
    Video - eVGA 9800gtx+ (recent purchase for new mobo)
    PSU - Corsair vx550w
    Current CPU - Intel PentiumD 2.8Ghz
    Mobo - Intel D945PSN (no PCIe 2.0)

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Novice with mobo question

    You really will not notice any difference between PCIe 1.0 & 2.0 but I'll warn you now that the P43 chipset is a poor overclocker as it's really just a failed P45 (its a binned part that doesn't come up to the standard required for P45's but is still usuable with certain restrictions put in place, lower memory support is just 1 of those).

    The P35 chipset is the better overclocker of the 2.

    Personally you'd be better of paying the extra few $'s for a P45 based mainboard.


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      Re: Novice with mobo question

      Thanks for responding, would this motherboard be an acceptable choice? I guess my other concern would be if there will be a noticeable difference between my current CPU (2.8 Pentium D) and the Intel Pentium Dual Core e5200 that I plan on overclocking

      Thanks again.