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Non-OC'er seeks Top quality board

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  • Non-OC'er seeks Top quality board

    Long time AMD user seeking new Intel top performer.
    845E or G chipset (unless you can argue otherwise?)
    Fast and stable (not overclocked)
    USB2.0 and firewire a plus.
    RAID would be nice with highpoint even better.
    Built in LAN is a plus.
    Needs to speak PS/2 for possible Linux/BSD use.
    Technical abilities like latest DDR (2700?)memory support, and jumperless design would be an asset.
    I'd like to get as close to cutting edge features and speed without having to overclock.

    I've looked at the Abit BG7, Epox 4g4a+, Asus P4B533-e and the Gigabytes 8iexp.

    Is there anything really wrong with any of these boards Is one particularly faster or more stable.

    I like the gadgety features that Asus seems to package with their boards.

    I'm going around in circles looking at all the forums, reviews, vendors, and opinions. I dont care to overclock so that makes it even harder to sort through the pros and cons and decide on a board.

    Help a cross-eyed lurker out please!

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    If you are after stable and gadgety then check out this board from MSI, the 845E Max2-BLR:

    Everything you wanted except for firewire I think.......


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      Thanks I looked at that one, it seemed nice.

      Anyone else have any thoughts?


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        I guess the 845G chipped ones would be nice as some seem to have the right dividers to run DDR333 , Ive read that the Epox and the Asus ones with the chipset support the faster ram.


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          You can checkout the Epox EP-4G4A+, review at

          Bought one this week and very nice MB.

          Details from Epox:

          Cheerz :) :D ;)


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            Hows the board Kenny C??
            I was looking at that board for myself and a friend too.
            Is it stable ?? No problems whatsoever so far?

            Oh and whats the sound it passable or pure crap?