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A7v333 Tweaking, Help! Newb Here

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  • A7v333 Tweaking, Help! Newb Here

    I'm pretty fluent in PC's, but I got an A7v333 & 1800XP, 512mb ddr 2700 ram, delta fan/heat sink to cool, artic silver 3 (not sure i put it on right) on there..

    How do I go about tweaking in the bios? I'm not sure how to calculate the fsb and such, but shouldn't it be running pretty fast? My top bench in 32mark 2001se is 8056..I'm running a Ti500 with the latest drivers. Also, I've updated the bios to 1007..

    Any help from you guru's would be INCREDIBLY appreciated!

    *EDIT* Let me revise this a touch - the chip I ordered was a 2000XP+ but when i plugged it in, it only shows at a 1800+ - I'm assuming they shipped me the wrong proc, or is this a known issue / is there a fix for this?

    Thanks Again!

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    I think ya wound up with the wrong CPU myself so check your invoices and if they state ya should have got an XP2000+ then get back on to the supplier. The rating is also marked on the top of the core as well. The 4 digits circled in red in the attached pic tell you the rating of the CPU, this is a 1600+ version. :smokin:


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      Turns out they did ship me the wrong one :snip:

      I've got it all hooked together, and my best benchmark in 3d2001se has been 8306 - is this pretty good?


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        That's about where similar setups are though a bit of tweaking will get a bit more from it. :smokin: