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sound problem wiht asus a7m266 d

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  • sound problem wiht asus a7m266 d

    hey whoever is reading this i am using windwos xp i tryed win 2k and this prob still existed. i keep getting a this blue screen while i play music in windows or when i exit a game counter strike. it says all the way at the bottom "dumping physical memory and it goes 1,2 ,3, 4, 5, 6......."anyways at the top it says sometihng aobut windwos did it to prevent dammage now before i knew it was my sound card but now when i exit counter strike it does this it sasy if its the forst time restate if it continuses it gives you streps i folowed them but cant find out what to do can someone help me!:snip: :cheers:

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    Sounds like a driver problem to me - have you tried updating your sound drivers? :?:
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      yeah i have gotton updates in windows update adn it seemed to be a little more stable but still carshed and thats very annoying but not as much before it was like every time but now maybe once a day but thats anotinhg while donwloading or sometihng :thumb:


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        Try going to the manufacturer's website for the best drivers... not Windows Update. While I use Update all the time to fix security holes, I don't allow it to mess with my drivers. I have found that either the manufacturer or a site dedicated to beta drivers will always give me better versions.
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          M$'s drivers usually suck big time. :(