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    When PC133 SDRAM first came onut what was the type of Processor and speed that was average in those days. I think its the Pentium-II range but im not sure.

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    I'm not sure about exact dates -- but a good question though.

    I'm thinking PC133 SDRAM appeared in late 1999, becoming all the rage in early 2000. By March/April everyone was talking about it.
    Not sure either what processors were out at the time, but the Intel 533A would have been 1 of the first CPU's to actually run at the 133 Mhz bus speed.

    I am pleased to report that the Intel 600EB, VIA Apollo 133A and PC133 SDRAM CL2 are all alive and doing well at this time.

    LOL - at least in my house they are:)
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      When the 133MHz FSB Pentium III chips hit the streets, the i820 was the only chipset that could handle 133MHz RAM. But VIA quickly (actually very quickly) brought out the Apollo Pro 133, followed by the 133A - both these chipsets supported PC-133 SDRAM. But the performance was essentially equal to the i440BX with PC-100 SDRAM :thumbs do

      It was only after Intel's P3 chipset marketshare went down rapidly that the i815 was introduced.
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