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Asus a7v333 still does not work!!!

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  • Asus a7v333 still does not work!!!

    I sent the first Asus A7v333 back to asus and they sent me a new one. Now it reconizes my cpu and it puts up i install windows and it crashes with windows errors right and left. I keep formatting and reinstalling and finally i get it completely installed. That's as far as I can go. I tried to install my video card and i get windows error and it crashes. I booted it back up and it gave me a windows write protection error. SO i restarted it again and tried to go in safe mode and it boots up and then locks up and crashes. I finally went into bios and disabled the cache 1 and it boots up fine. It hasnt crashed yet but the only down fall is its running slower then a pentium 233 with 15 gigs of ram. WTF is going on here? anybody have any ideas as to wut i gotta do to fix my peice of junk? right now this is the onlyt way i can use it. I have updated the bios to 1007 and everything and still doesnt work and gives me errors then crashes. any help would be much apprecaited .. Thanks in advance

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    have you gone throught the ENTIRE hardware setup section in the manual? and have you looked through evry meny in the bios?
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      Done it about 30 times still doesnt.. Finally to the peice of sh*t out and put back in old motherboard and processor... I know its the motherboard.. Same hardware i was using in it works fine in old motherboard. IM sending it back to ASUS and gonna get an ABit....


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        bah, i don't see how so many people are having probs with their A7V333's :confused:

        here I am, I install everything, and it all works from the word go :\

        but other people can't even get theirs to boot

        strange :\
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          I guess you just got lucky man. Wish I was able to get this one to work. It seems like a board with alot of potential. O and Asus tech support blows. I have called them so many times and they just ask for namne and number and they will call me back.. Hasnt happened yet!


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            Heh.. Glad i found this forum. Have been struggeling with my newly bought Asus A7V333 and an Athlon XP 2100+ processor teh entire day. Was about to run amok and kick the board :) Good to see I'm not the only one with this problem. Never for one minute thought the mobo was the problem, asus boards always ran without a hitch for me before.

            First thing that happens when i get home from the shop and have assembled my new comp, is that it turns off 2 seconds after i turn on the computer. Thats odd, so i go through everything, and check if anything is loose or something i forgot to connect. I try again, same thing happens. I take out every PCI card except for gfx card, get "system failed cpu test" message in speakers. Odd, i take back the cpu to the shop and tells them what the computer says, and i get a new cpu after they claimed i probably killed my cpu with cooling paste. Now i'm back to having it turn off 2 seconds after i turn on the power..

            Gonna take back the mobo tomorrow and get an Abit instead.



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              I've met a lot of people at my college who have had major problems with the A7V-333, they are swapping them for the AOpen AK77-333 series ;)
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