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What's the difference between DDR SDRam and SDRam?

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  • What's the difference between DDR SDRam and SDRam?

    I've been referring to DDR SDRam as just DDR Ram... Does it have some relation in functionality to SDRam? How do they both work? Thanks.

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    First off, DDR and DDR SDRAM are the same. It's just two ways that folks refer to it.

    Other than that, the difference in the DDR SDRAM and regular SDRAM is the speed. DDR stands for Double Data Rate, so it doubles the amount of data that can be transferred during a single clock cycle. SDRAM simply stands for Synchronious Dynamic Random Access Memory, and refers generically to most common modern memory modules. But it is used as the name for single data rate memory chips as a rule.

    SDRAM normally comes in PC66, PC100, PC133, PC150 and now PC166. The DDR modules are selling by different names by different companies, but in essence would be rated at PC200, PC266, PC333 and PC400.

    Hope this clears it up for you at least a little bit. I'm a little tired, so sorry if I'm rambling. :)
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      Hah, no problem. I appreciate the information.

      Have another couple ?'s for you if you don't mind... or anyone else who wants to answer. Where does DDR-DRAM fit in? Is that another name for DDR-SDRAM?

      Also, what's the difference between SIMM and DIMM? Is all SDRam categorized under DIMM? I was browsing the RAM at fry's the other day and everything seemed to be listed as "DIMM", so I was curious.



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        PC2100,PC2400,PC2700,PC3000 & PC3200 are also DDR SDRAM.

        The SIMM & DIMM question now is that SIMMs are old technology meaning Single Inline Memory Module which only takes single sided memory. DIMMs or Dual Inline Memory Module will take both single and double sided memory. :smokin: