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    Actually the IDE cables are nearly invisible in this pic due to rounding and folding. The wiring from the PSU is what you see mostly and CD-ROM sound cable. The Red cable is the ATX power connector which is wrapped with red electrical tape for the last 2/3 of it's length (fortunately I stopped there as it made the cable stiff as ...... and near impossible to bend).

    It's still an ugly maze of wires isn't it. With my extra fans, lighting, cigarette lighter and baybus.

    All in all very ghetto -- but functional:laugh:

    I get my mod materials in unlikely places, but save $'s that way.
    My baybus box is a Martha Stewart pill-box from K Mart for $0.79.
    The lighting is standard 12V marker lamps from an auto supply house 2 ea.totaling about $4.00 (sockets included)
    Some 3M connectors and brackets and a pack of several small rolls of electrical tape for about $6.00.

    But with the amount of wiring inside, the rounding of even the smaller cabling helps out a good deal.
    Still, it's a freaking mess.

    My budget SUX:thumbs do (but not as bad as my digital camera does):shoot2: