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System Performance loss

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  • System Performance loss

    Here is my current system;

    tbird 1200 @ 1400
    Asus a7a266 mb
    512 2100 ddr ram
    geforce ti4400
    maxtor ata133 40gig hdd
    creative live 5.1 sound

    I just recently overclocked my athlon to 1400 and I was totally psyched about the performance boost. And I have tried several tweaks here and there to get the most out of my system. I even reloaded winxp from scratch tweaking as I went. The problem is with my video and graphics performance. I had been consistently in the 7000's with a radeon 8500le (in 3dmark 2001se) prior to getting the geforce, and just before i got the geforce my scores plummetted to the 5000's at 1024x728. I checked all the bios settings and even restored them all to default settings. I have tried resetting everything to the default values with no success. Anybody who has experienced anything similar please let me know where to look to fix this. Oh and my geforce has not been stellar either with scores in the 6000's. Please help!!!

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    Did you reinstall Windows with the GF4 in the system?

    You've said tweaks, what exactly were these tweaks?

    Do you have your Anti Ailasing turned completely off?


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      Yes, I reloaded my system after installing the gf4. I have also made sure to download the latest drivers for my mboard, as well as the geforce. The tweaks I refer to were minor registry tweaks, and system settings.

      The settings for antialiasing is set to allow applications to control aa.


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        Force that setting to an ALWAYS OFF and see if it makes any difference. I'd be willing to bet that your scores will go up.
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          Ok so I forced the antialiasing to always off. However, to no avail my scores seem to be about the same. What steps should I follow to get back to where my scores should be? I will eventually be buying a new mboard, but for now I want this thing to work like it should. I have the latest bios, latest drivers and the asus a7a266 has jumperswitches, and the only ones i have changed deal with the multiplier. I really think the problem is with my ali agp, but I don't know how to configure it through windows to make sure it is good to go. Any possibilities there?
          Thanks for all your help


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            : peace2:
            So I figured it out if anyone was interested and wants to know a fix in the future for this problem. The problem it seems with the detonator drivers is that it has a difficult time incorporating an ali agp controller. So in order to solve this problem in my case was to download a program called rivatuner. Through rivatuner i matched a database with my current detonator driver (which is 28.32) and go to the power user tab, and expand the system options. There is an option in this portion which states "Enable aliagp" and you set the value to 1, reboot and voila!!! I have climbed out of the abyss of bs 5000's and jumped into the ring with scores in the 8000's. I hope this helps anyone else who has an asus a7a266 mboard and is using a detonator driver with any geforce video card.