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soltek 75 drv5 any known problems?

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  • soltek 75 drv5 any known problems?

    i just bought me an soltek 75 drv 5, put the system together, but when i use (any) cd-drive, it freezes.

    anyone has this soltek to and also has problems with it, please let me know, and asolution to of course confused: :confused: :confused:

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    Double check all the jumpers on the CD drive, if theres just the one CD drive on that IDE channel make sure the jumper is set to defualt, not master or slave. My m8 had some probs with his HD and the DRV4 cus of the jumpers on the HD.


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      That doesnt sound like a problem with your mobo. That usually happens when your CD drive is not jumpered correctly or the IDE cable in not correctly put into the mobo or the cd drive, but since you tried more than one drive that prob isnt it. I cant comment on the DRV5 but there is NO WAY soltek wouldve made a board that doesnt accept any CD-Rom that is just ludicrous so i would start checking elsewhere, or maybe you just got a defective model.