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  • I NEED HELP ABOUT MY K7S5A mobo!!!!!

    Guys, the following is a copy of a thread I wrote in the hardware forum a few days back. Wiggo has been trying to help me but without success and suggested I try this forum coz u lot have more experience in this field so I'm relying on you!!!! Please see the other threads in the Hardware Forum for further details or things wiggo has already suggested without success.

    Right I'm beginning to get extremely cheesed with all of this. I know I might be repeating myself here and a lot of what I write here might not be relevant but please help if you can.

    My system-
    K7S5A & AC97 sound
    AMD Athalon 1200mz MX 3D Now processor
    Geoforce 2, 32mb, 100/200 with TV out
    20gb hard drive
    312 SDRAM
    Motorola SM56 Modem
    Samsung DVD/CD 32x
    Plextor CD 24/10/40A Burner

    First you mentioned about my power source. This is all a bit goobledegook to me, but when I had the side of the case I noticed the power box at the top had 300w on the side, does that help????

    However I would stress that I dont think this is my problem. Until I re-formatted the hard drive I never had any errors or problems with my system. It is only since re-installing (or attempting to re-install) my o/s using both ME and now XP Pro that I've had difficulty. I never had to tweak anything before which leads me to think its something to do with how the card has been installed or setup thats the problem. In addition XP being a bit more smarter than ME tells me once its recovered from a freeze or unplanned reboot that the problem seems to lie with the Geoforce Graphics card drivers. It states that it had a drawing problem and that the card is unstable. This appears to be the case in that I can now play Return to Castle Wolfenstein which was one of the games which I was having probs with since re-install. Now I can load and play it fine for a bit, the graphics and sound operate as they should and then without warning it just freezes. Likewise sometimes I'm just negotiating through files or something in my desktop and without warning the computer freezes for 30 secs or so then reboots, returning with this warning about the graphics card.

    You mentioned DMA, again I'm a bit at a loss here but I checked the system info utility and it says DMA on channel 4. I cant find anywhere that tells me what the card DMA?? is on, all I can find is that the IRQ is set at 5.

    From the sites you gave me I have downloaded the new audio driver which appears fine. The USB detect patch also abd the AGP driver& support which I believe installed correctly. You mentioned running the SIS.IDE. I downloaded this as you suggested and you say you must run this to check the DMA settings (whatever they are!!). Well everytime I double click on this file it doesn't seem to do anything and just sits there.

    I had a look about the system info and found this, does this mean anything -
    In the System Drivers I found the following (everything else said it was ok)- Isapnp PnP ISA/EISA Bus driver at C:\windows\system Type - Kernel Driver Started - YES Start Mode-Boot State-running Error Control -CRITICAL Accept Pause -no Accept Stop-Yes

    It was the only one showing Critical. could this be the problem. Also when I get the error report which XP wants me to send,it provides me the option of veiwing the technical data. Would this help diagnose the problem, again it means nothing to me.

    Finally (I promise!!) another forum suggested to someone that they lower the AGP to 2x in the BIOS, mines at 4x at the mo, would this help or should I leave it alone.

    I hope you can help, in anycase your advice and assistance so far has been greatly appreciated. )))

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    Once again, please don't post duplicate threads :)

    Closing this thread - all replies to the SiS forum guys :wave:
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