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  • Help finding a new mombo

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to say i am not computer illiterate, lol I do know my stuff about computers but not swapping mobo's for that matter. My computer is really old and i have tried to maintain it the best i could until someday i can afford a nice gaming pc. I am wondering if there's a mombo anywhere that can be used in my tower that has PCI slots but yet still uses the ram i am using, Since i do not have enough money to buy ram.

    I am looking for a 'Pent 4' or a 'AMD', Whatever one will work for me.

    Here are the specs for my system.

    Intel Pentium 3 Processor <Yes thats old & why i want to update
    Windows Xp Home Edition w/Service Pack 2
    800 Mhz
    512 RAM = I think its Sync Pc133
    Vid Card= VisionTek RADEON 9200 Series
    1st hard drive "Main One" = 18.6GB
    2nd hard drive = 74.5GB
    HP DVD WRITER 640c
    Now from looking at my Mobo, Heres what i can tell you.

    Has 3 PCI slots
    Aux Audio
    Cd Rom Audio = Being used & has a 4 prong
    AGP/AIMM slot
    CPU Fan plug In = Being used & has a 3 prong
    CPU FAN= DC 12v
    Chassis Fan= 3 Prong
    Power Supply= Combined Max Power is 120w & 200W MAX Model = PS-6201-6c3
    The biggest square in the middle of my mombo that is black says=

    That is all the info i can find my self to best describe what i have for you. If there's anything else you would like to know plz just feel free to ask. The most i am able to spend for anew mombo would be around $50-70 dollars. Is that enough to get me a better mobo???? Plz remember im trying to KEEP my ram as well for the next new mombo i am able to get. "If thats possible" Also i mostly use my pc for gaming and internet use. Having the 8meg cable works really well.

    Thank you 2 whoever has read all this, lol

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    Re: Help finding a new mombo

    Sorry but you will have to get new memory as your old SDRAM is, well, old (4 generations old now) and your PSU will have to go as well as it'll just burnout in no time with a modern setup (and likely take new hardware with it).

    In your case I'd be looking to build a complete new system from scratch while still using your old one until the new is complete.


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      Re: Help finding a new mombo

      alright thank you