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Asus A7V333 and ST3 (Suspend to Ram)

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  • Asus A7V333 and ST3 (Suspend to Ram)

    Having just installed this new board, which is great, I cannot for the life of me get the damn thing to enter into suspend to Ram (All fans shut down, monitor off but ram “slow” refresh).

    I had this enabled on my last board and used it extensively and so would not like to loose it!

    I have discovered that the feature will not work in Jumper free mode and so have manually set the CPU Freq etc.

    The PSU is a new Enermax and supplies at least 2 amps on the +5VSB so that should be no problem. But when I try to suspend it simply goes into “stand by” with the fans on and the monitor off!!

    Can anyone give me a “walk through” as to the jumper settings and also the Bios settings needed to enable this? I did not even have the ACPI suspend feature in the bios until I was told of the Jumper Free aspect but that appears and is set to enable.

    What am I doing wrong? Please, to have this board up ASAP would make my day!!

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    Sorry but I've never used that feature as I find that most of these power reducing functions (yes it is one but just supose to come back up quicker) usually cause more problems then they're worth. :smokin:


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      Thanks for that Wiggo, but I am one of those people that thinks if it says it will do this, and the manual says it will do this, and the web site says it will do this, the I WILL get it to do this....:mad:


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        In some cases these features work fine but in a lot of others will cause nothing but headaches and to have a power failure while in this state could give you a corrupted data situation. :smokin:


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          Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same problem. I have S3 suspend enabled in the bios. But when I suspend, XP leaves fans going.


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            No, not resolved!

            Can get into suspend OK with all fans off. but now when I attempt to resume I cant get the monitor to resume. Everything else seems ok incl HDD, fans etc but the monitor just stays blank.

            Have you made sure you are in jumper mode?

            If you like I will post all the settings and jumper locations that I use to get the thing to suspend.

            May not be until after the week end as in the Middle of my law exams at the moment and should not be here now!!


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              When you suspend do the system fans shut down? I have no problem suspending. The monitor goes off fine. But the cpu and other case fans are still going. So I assume that it is not going into S3 suspend-to-ram. Another forum says that the S3 option had to be enabled at the time I installed XP. I didn't know this. I enabled S3 in the bios after I installed XP. So now I'm trying to figure out what to do.