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  • Ga-7vrxp

    I just purchased this board, an XP1800+, Geforce 4Ti 4600 and 512mb of pc2700 RAM.

    The board comes set with system bus at 100mhz, so my processor thinks it is an Athlon 1.15. When I change the onboard frequency to 133 windows starts, thinks it is an XP 1800+ then dies very quickly (30 secs). I'm not trying to overclock it, just run it as normal.

    BIOS is set to hw detect, but the same happens if set to 133.

    My friend bought exactly the same setup and has exactly the same problem.

    Are we being rather dim? Should the system not just work?

    Dumpston & Flora

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    Gigabyte seems to be the only board maker having this problem. If I recall some other's with this problem, it was solved by making sure that the BIOS is set to 133/33. I can't say where these settings are located in your BIOS... just that I have seen others say that it fixes the issue.
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      Ok im a big fan of Gigabyte and selling also those M/B but i never seen that common problem. You should set in the Cpu settings if im to many things to remember. Adjust your FSB/MEMORY frenquency to 133/133. Should work fine after.

      But if you still have problem try disabling some hardware or removing some...Best thing you could do is start with your video card only in the case. And start your way up if it works. Try aslo adjusting your BIOS to optimal settings. And if you still have problem, just let a message here or go to a nearest computer shop or where you bought your hardware for checking them up.


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        Hi i also have the same problems, just after i upgrade'd my bios via the internet,


        when i bought it it ran for more then 4 days perfect,
        i installed some tools from the cd (also the bios upgrade tool :( )

        after the autodownload via internet and flash i rebooted the system and xp logo welcome screen stays for 1 a 2 sec then a BSD stop code and reboot DAMN

        when i choose the fail-safe option in the bios my computer boots perfect in xp.

        when i choose optimal-settings it got the same problem back.

        does someone has his 7vrxp v1.1 !! not upgraded yet?? and can you please mail me the bios so i can check if this solve my problem?

        thanks in advance



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          It's possible that the BIOS upgrade has changed the way in which the XP comunicates with the board so a reinstall of XP is needed so that it can reconfigure itself to the new BIOS. :smokin:


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            Thanks for reply'en..

            After many different configuration tested in my new bios
            it is stabile again, (i hope)

            Lets hope it stays this way..