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The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965

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  • The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965

    As usual, two biggest CPU brand keep pushing their “generation transaction”
    In 2006, Intel released their Core2Duo processor. Then, it almost replaces
    the position of super mix of AMD K8 + nF4 with its C2D + 965.
    Meanwhile, Asus and Gigabyte launches their powerful 965 motherboard.
    Up to now, the boards are still the most users’ choice in the market.
    DFI is not the first one to launch the Conroe platform…nevertheless,
    recently, the Intel platform’s LP UT ICFX3200 (with RD600 chipset) has a
    great performance in both FSB and DDRII overclocking. Furthermore, they
    release their Infinity series P965 motherboard. Their Infinity is position as a
    value price with high-performance OC ability product.
    first of all, take a look at P965’s appearance.

    The lower left of the board
    2 PCIe X16, is for ATI Crossfire technology
    then, 2 PCIe X1 and 3 traditional PCI slots…

    The lower right of the board
    DFI use their exclusive ceramic heat sink.
    6 SATA2 ports
    The EZ on and reset on board button. A easy way for user to reset their

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    Re: The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965

    The upper left
    24Pin power input, a IDE interface device
    For DDR2, 4 dimm slots

    the upper left of the board:
    6 phrase Digital PWM is powerful and Rock solid component.

    The back IO area

    BIOS related…
    CPU related options


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      Re: The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965

      Main setting page

      CPU FSB range is from 266 to 700MHz

      DRAM Frequency: 533/ 667/ 800


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        Re: The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965

        DDR2 details settings

        Voltage page

        The highest voltage is 0.7875V

        DDR2 has a wide range for voltage, the highest can reach 3.375V


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          Re: The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965

          The Infinity series BIOS, always simplify than LANParty a bit.
          The good thing of its BIOS is: it is easier than LP series for tweaking.
          And the OC ability is not bad too. Infinity is suitable for mainstream gamers
          And users.

          Test bed details
          CPU:INTEL Core 2 Duo E6300
          MB: DFI INFINITY P965
          DRAM:CORSAIR Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF
          VGA:ELSA GLADIAC 790GS PH2 256DT
          HD:Seagate 7200.7 160GB
          DVD:Plextor PX-716A
          POWER:Corsair HX620W Modular Power Supply
          Cooler:TT Big Typhoon VX

          DDRII 1023 CL4 4-3-9
          Super PI 32M

          DRAM(Memory’s bus clock test)
          DDRII 1083 CL4 4-3-9


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            Re: The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965

            3D performance
            DDRII 1002 CL4 4-3-9



            Although this board is almost later than other manufacturer half year,
            But the whole performance is really impressive. Its FSB can reach more than
            500MHz steady. In addition, the performance of the DDR2 is excellent too.
            The result of DDR2 in Super PI test is outperformed; I think it was due to DFI
            works really hard to the arrangement of DDR2’s parameter.

            For my personal point of view, I think this board has two things can be
            About the DRAM, DDR2 under 1020, it needs 2.2 to 2.35V normally.
            If you want to reach DDRII 1060 or above. It might need 2.6V voltage at the
            Frankly, it’s not easy to break the bottleneck of DDRII1100.
            So, these are something important to an excellent performance.
            Maybe it’s too damn for DFI hard to choose whether a average Joe
            performance with a sky-high DDRII bus clock or a real high performance
            with a average DDRII record(around 1060 to 1080). I believe it’s a difficult
            decision before Infinity P965 official launch.

            No matter how, DFI P965 has a friendly and powerful BIOS setting. It is easy
            to reach a high FSB and outcome a splendid performance. I heard that the
            street price is possible around USD$140. If this is true, Infinity P965 is a
            super high C/P ratio motherboard for both overclocking and high-end


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              Re: The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965

              Spin off: CPUZ confused with ICH8 and ICH8R.
              We only can do it under BIOS option
              DFI Infinity P965 is adopts ICH8R as its southbridge.
              ICH8R's "R" is stand for RAID function