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gigabyte ga-965(G)-ds3 vs. ga-965(P)-ds3

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  • gigabyte ga-965(G)-ds3 vs. ga-965(P)-ds3

    So I just put together my new system.. and as I was installing my video card, it hit me that I had onboard video, and I thought to myself, 'wait, the ga-965(P)-ds3 mobo isn't supposed to have onboard video..,' and sure enough I check it and realize that it's a (G)-ds3 and not a (P). From what I read, this version isn't up for the overclocking needed to make the most of my e6300.

    Should I sell it and save up for a different mobo? I got it on bargain for $100 and I'm confident I could sell it for the same price, but is the (G)-ds3 really that crippled?
    Case: Antec P180 ** PSU: Ultra-V 600W
    Main: EVGA 680i 122-CK-NF68**
    CPU: E6700 2.66GHz
    CPU cooling: Arctic Freezer 7 Pro ** RAM: 2GB Corsair XMS2
    GPU: BFG GTX 295..** Samsung 206bw LCD
    OS: Vista Ultimate 32bit

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    Re: gigabyte ga-965(G)-ds3 vs. ga-965(P)-ds3

    Crippled? Not really, but it does lack some of the advanced overclocking features that are present on the 965P version boards.
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      Re: gigabyte ga-965(G)-ds3 vs. ga-965(P)-ds3

      Once video is added to the chipset the overclocking potential drops a lot which is why most manufacturers will not provide an overclocking BIOS for them and those that do don't get good returns.


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        Re: gigabyte ga-965(G)-ds3 vs. ga-965(P)-ds3

        The best Gigabyte 965 board is the GA-965P-DQ6.I've always seen that all the greatest boards of all times don't have integrated graphics.965 series is no exception.965P is comparatively rich on features than the 965G boards.