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  • P4S333 and Ti4400

    Hi, I have a P4 2.0 on an Asus P4S333 with 512Mb PC2700 and a MSI Ti4400.

    I cannot get the nVIDIA Werewolf demo, nor 3DMark 2000/1/SE to run without locking the PC and it rebooting itself.

    I have tried swapping the Ti4400 for a Gladiac 920 GF3, and the PC runs fine.

    I tried the Ti4400 in another PC [Athlon 1.0; 1GB SDRAM] and the 3DMarks ran fine.

    So I guess I'm missing something somewhere.

    Anyone got any ideas, please?

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    It's the dreaded nVidia loop. Oldbugger can give you a link to a site with more information about it, but if you search around you can probably find something more about it. I get it at times when running the 3DMark2001 benchmark, but at no other times. Even when fragging away in any number of FPS games, I have no issues, but that demo will lock me up and it will reboot in about a minute.

    Let us know if you get it fixed. The information could help out a lot of folks. :)
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      Thanks for the input, you have jogged the old memory bells.

      I have just been reading up on it,, not that I've got a VIA, it was just the first one to come up on Google for me.

      Seems I've got my work cut out tracking the culprit down now.


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        It will happen with any setup regardless of CPU, chipset or os but the best thing to do is to experiment with different versions of Dets as you'll find one that works and the later 1's are less susceptible to this.
        21.xx thru to 23.xx are the worst for this. :smokin:


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          Thus far I have tried 27.50, 28.32 WHQL, 28.35 and 28.90, none of them made any difference. :(

          I have stripped the PC back to just drives, CPU and Ti4400, and still it does it. In 3DMark 2001 it always does it during the bump mapping [the one that looks like a turd]. Never at the exact same moment though.

          The werewolf demo is strange, sometimes it stalls immediately and somtimes it'll get a way into it.

          It's really bugging me now.