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AT7 onboard NIC

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  • AT7 onboard NIC

    I've just got my AT7. Everything when smooth until I try to connect to my DSL. I could connect, but after about 1minute I couldn't goto no more pages. Its like the signal die. Then when I try to connect again I can't connect at all. After talking with verizon techs they said after a couple drills my onboard lan was fine, and they have to check the line in their office. So I figured to disable the on board NIC and install my old card and it worked. Now....... are there some wrong with my board or is their any special setting onboard NIC I have to configure ?

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    I know that mupltipal postings sound good but they're not really and as the one in the AMD forum has been replied to I'll just close these others so everyone can concentrate on the one thread ok. :smokin: