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Wont detect drives during bios

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  • Wont detect drives during bios

    Now i dont know much about computers so bare with me. I have a built computer. aNow my question is. A week ago i was playing a game and the power shut off due to a coming lighting storm. I dont think lightning struck my house but t did turn the power off on everything including the computer. So i go to turn it back on l8er and during startup my bios wont list my hard drive or dvd player. then it goes to another screen runs a bunch of numbers like it always does and i tell me it cant boot and that i need the boot disk. The screen thats runs those nmbers is normal but after i got my nvidia 7600 gt video card i gave me that message to boot the boot disk in. So i just shut my computer off and turned it back on and it would startup just fine without that error. Now i turn it off and back on and it still shows that error. So i guess my question is y wont my bios detect my hard drive and dvd player and y do i cant that stupid error. If u need any additional info on my parts just ask i will reply soon. I NEED HELP

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    Re: Wont detect drives during bios

    It is possible that your system received a power surge that fried something. Do you have any protection on your power and internet connections? In your situation my next move would be to try another CD Rom and find out if it is recognized.
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      Re: Wont detect drives during bios

      Try clearing CMOS and see what happens. When they shut off unexpectedly, bot so good things can happen.
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        Re: Wont detect drives during bios

        No i just brought my computer back from my friends and i didnt plug it in to my surge protector and i wasnt plugged into the internet.