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IDE master drive on ASRock 775xFire-eSATA2?

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  • IDE master drive on ASRock 775xFire-eSATA2?

    Hi folks,
    My son just got an ASRock 775xFire-eSATA2 mb and was hoping that he could use the IDE controller to set up his IDE hard drive as the master until he can get a SATA drive. Nothing in the manual suggests this *can't* be done... So far the mb hasn't recognized the hard drive or the CD. Any suggestions, or are we going back to Fry's again? :)

    Edit: It seems that only the end plug on the IDE cable is responding. Regardless of configuration, nothing reads off of the secondary plug. When anything is connected to that plug, neither responds. The "floppy" IDE port seems however to be able to connect to the floppy drive and a CD/DVD drive, delivering the promised "2 ide devices". Going to be trying different (and hopefully longer, as the current ones can barely reach around the graphics card) cable soon.
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    Re: IDE master drive on ASRock 775xFire-eSATA2?

    Is the HDD set as master at the end of the IDE cable and the ROM drive connected to the middle connector?