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Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys i am in a huge problem... and i really need your help...

    I need to find and buy the Motherboard P4SD-LA (Oxford)

    but the problem is that i cant find..
    i allready search all over the internet.. i tryed on e-bay, hp web site...
    but since now i havent found it...
    so do u guys now any web site that sells this motherboard????...
    i tryed to find in HP web site... but i didnt found it in there for sale.. i only found the specifications of the motherboard...
    this is the HP web site specifications from the motherboard that i need..

    i really need this motherboard, becouse in my city it had a storm and from a thunder i lost the motherboard.. that is why i really need it...
    hope u guys can help me..
    i am really thankfull since now...

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    Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    could u tell me the parts that u have right know also u dont need the exact motherboard u could allways get one with mostly the same stuff also what has happend dose the computer not turn on or what and did u cheak if it was your harddrive that went bad
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      Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      also hear is the ones that asus have which have the same chipset


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        Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        First le me Tnks "Zaqwsx" for answearing...
        ok... now...
        what do u mean with the parts that i have right now???
        if it is what i am thinking, here is what i did... i bought the pc in the HP site... so the machine came the way that is fabricated.. i didnt remove or add anything yet.. i know that i can change the motherboard to a compative one, but if i can find or if is possible i find i would like not change to a diferent one...
        as i sayd i lost the motherboard by a thunder... becouse it was raining and i use a cable internet, so when the thunder striked the powefull energy came by the cable into the motherbord, and destroyd...sorry if u dont understand this part but is becouse i dont remember the right term to use...
        the motherboard does not work any more..
        I only lost the motherboard noything else... the rest of the componets i allready asked for a technical take look and he sayd that its working properly and he sayd that i need other motherboard...
        so if u know any site that has this motherboard..
        P4SD-LA (Oxford) let me know ok...
        tnks again...


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          Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          what i mean by parts is the
          cpu processor
          ram (512mb or 1gb)
          hard-drive is it sata or pata (this ) sata is the small red one
          thats basicly it also how much are you willing to spend for a motherboard and i was looking for the board and could not find it so i will show some that are simmilar to yours oh one more thing are u just using this computer for basic work


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            Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            also would u happen to know anything about your case because not all motherboards fit in every case


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              Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              hear is one


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                Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                You need to call HP and ask them if they have that motherboard for sale. If they do not, get a different motherboard because HP motherboards are garbage anyways. You really should consider getting a "normal" board over the HP branded motherboard.
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