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puter kaputt, I mean really KAPUTT

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  • puter kaputt, I mean really KAPUTT

    Ok, my hardware:

    Abit IS7-E2, 865PE, 800FSB, DDR400, LAN
    CDROM 52x Asus, Retail
    Pentium4, 2800MHz Socket 478 FSB533
    Floppydrive Sony 3.5", White
    Abit R9600XT-VIO Radeon 9600XT, VIVO
    Maxtor +9 SATA, 80GB, 8MB, Fluid, 7200RPM
    Maxtor DM10 SATA, 160GB, 8MB, Fluid, 7200RPM
    LiteOn - DVD+/-RW/RAM 16x8x16 DL8x IDE
    Q-Tec V-MD 400W Miditower, 14028
    Kingston DDR2700, 512 MB x 2

    WinXP Pro SP2 all updates
    NAV 2003
    Steam etc.

    Had it since july 2004 and has worked like charm.

    The DVD-drive I bought abou a month ago.

    Now, a couple of days ago, I let it run overnight, when
    I came back to it next day, it had stopped respondng.

    I then hit the reset button, and it rebooted until just
    before the first sign of windows appears, then it reboots
    on its own until I pull the plug. I began to troubleshoot,
    same in safe mode, found it had to be either the mobo or HDD.

    I tried reinstall WinXP, and after formatting and copying
    files, and rebooting, same thing as before, it reboots on
    its own.

    It had to be the mobo, I thought, at some point I couldn't
    even get the thing started, I mean, the fans start running,
    and stop again after about 1 sec.

    Tried take out RAM 1 slot at a time, tried each in both slots,
    removed all drives, to no avail. Did a lot of other things,
    which I can't remember.

    Bought new mobo, Asus P4P800-X, i865PE, FSB800, DDR400.

    Installed it, same thing as before, can't even get into BIOS.

    Could it be the PSU?

    Anyone experienced this?



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    Re: puter kaputt, I mean really KAPUTT

    it wont let you load windows and the screen doesnt come up either, i have had that problem with a p4p800se mobo, the problem i had was the ram, the ram was my problem the whole time toook me soo long to figure it out, try different kind of ram, such as corsair or pnq never partiot it doesnt work well, when u insert new ram flash the bios first then put it in


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      Solved!! Re: puter kaputt, I mean really KAPUTT

      It was the powersupply
      put a 500W in and it worked.