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Incidental wiring from case to mobo?

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  • Incidental wiring from case to mobo?

    I'm putting a used computer into a new case, and am a little befuddled by the wiring that goes between the case front (power, reset, audio jacks and USBs) and the mobo. The computer is an HP Pavilion 9800 (about 3 years old) that I got for free, and haven't tested, other than just plugging it in and noting that the lights came on, the hard drive spun and the fans worked. (The reason I couldn't test it is because its video/graphics card didn't have a VGA jack taht I could connect to my monitor; just some more exotic jacks. I've replaced that card with a 64mb ATI Radeon card.)

    Anyway, the mobo is an Intel Desktop Board D850MV, and the new case is a RaidMax X-1. That case has a hatch in the front that closes over the access to the drives, and the portion of the front panel that contains the USB ports, etc. There is a power/reset switch on the outside of the box. The case has a bunch of little wires snaking into the mobo area, some of which are labeled, such as "power sw" and "reset sw". Others are unlabeled. Two bundles have 4-pin connectors that are labeled for the two USBs, but also have one additional connector attached to each, that's unlabeled.

    Before I removed the mobo from the old case, I made a diagram of the wires that went between it and the front panel. All of them fit into a little 2-row matrix of 14 pins, with 8 below and 6 above (there are two pins missing from the upper row). Two of the wires attached to that old case were labeled "LED" and "power", but the other two were unlabeled. I know they weren't for USB ports, as it didn't have those in the front.

    Right above that pin matrix are a pair of pins, then a row of 4 and a row of 5 pins. That's about all I can find for pins that look likely to be able to have the wires from the front of the case attached to them. I've searched around the web for a diagram for this mobo, but cannot seem to find one. Can anyone tell me which wires should go where? Any advice would be appreciated.

    -- Robert

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    Re: Incidental wiring from case to mobo?

    Here's the link for Intel's D850MV manual.