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    My son has a Sony Vaio p.c. with a Sony-modified Asus motherboard. He changed the hard drive from the 80gb Seagate that came with the computer to a 160 gb Maxtor Diamondmax. He has service pack 2 downloaded for Windows XP Professional which he installed versus using the version of XP that came with the p.c. on setup disks. Windows XP Professional will only recognize 137 gb. I went to the Maxtor website and downloaded a program that is supposed to change a registry setting to allow Windows to recognize drives greater than 137 gb, but that didn't work. The Maxtor website is stating that there are 3 solutions to the problem - the registry fixing download, a bios update (which doesn't exist on the Sony website), or buying an ATA card to plug the harddrive into which is supposed to sidestep the motherboard bios issue. I went to to get a bios upgrade for the motherboard and they want $30 for it. I really don't want to have to pay for a bios upgrade or an add-in card. Does someone know how I might solve this problem and gain access to the full harddrive capacity without having to shell out some hard-earned cash?