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Press <F4> To Resume.....???? A prompt I'm getting after updating the bios.

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  • Press <F4> To Resume.....???? A prompt I'm getting after updating the bios.

    I updated the bios to an intel p4 mainboard model D865PERL to bios version # RL86510A.86A.0089.P21.0502132202.

    Everything is fine and dandy but I can't figure out how to disable a prompt that states (Press < F4 > To Resume) right after the Bios detects the systems hardware.

    Pressing F4 will allow the system to continue but it is very irritating to do evrytime you boot the system.
    I can't figure out why someone would even bother programming it into a defualt setup in a bios to begin with. I've went through the bios sttings to find a way to disable it but came up with nothing. Please help!

    Update; By unpluggung all the devices one at a time then rebooting to see if the system gets past the F4 message I was able to limit the problem down to the harddrive. What would be wrong with the harddrive? It ran normally before the Bios update and it even runs good with the new one except for having to press F4 to get past the boot screen. I put another drive in the system and everthing is fine but I hate to tell the people that I'm fixing the system for, that a harddrive went bad when they only bought the system from me a year and a half ago:(.
    I'm reformatting and updating their system becuase of a virus that was automatically sending its self out through their ISP, according to them, which then disconnected them for that reason.
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