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Compatible, Or not?

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  • Compatible, Or not?

    Sorry I am really new at building computers, I was wondering is this motherboard

    Will fit or be compatible with this case?

    Also how can you tell if there compatible always up for lurning something.

    And last of all do I need a Lan card or 1394 Card they might call it, to connect to the Internet? or they built in the mb or something, please inform me.

    Thanx In advance,

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    Re: Compatible, Or not?

    Yes it will fit. The motherboard states it is "ATX" which means that its size will be 305mm x 244mm, or about 12" x 9.6"

    No you will not need any sort of add-in card to connect to the Internet as the motherboard comes with a 10/100 LAN built into the board.
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