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  • EpoX 4BDA2+

    Question regarding this mobo ... will it support DDR 333 modules? Or are you restricted to DDR266 (i.e. 133 FSB on 1:1 memory timing)?

    Anyone in Sydney found a good/cheap/reliable place to source EpoX mobo's?

    Also, as a follow-up, how long before the Intel chipset-based 133/533 Mhz mobo's hit the retail market here?


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    29 views and not 1 reply ...

    come on fellas!!

    The answer to my first question is that YES the EpoX 4BDA2+ will take PC2700 memory.

    The answer to my third question is that the 533/133 Mhz mobos will start to hit the market in June.

    However I am still unsure of the best place to source EpoX mobos. I have found some small setup called "Zone Computing". Anyone ever hear anything about them/deal with them?



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      1- All memory modules of the same type are compatible with the slower standards. The only thing the number reflects is the maximum speed that the module is certified to run at, so you can't ***** if it doesn't overclock past this level.

      2- Couldn't tell you since I live in the US

      3- You answered this one already as well, but there is talk that it may be delayed. Who knows... certainly not us.

      I just checked out this thread, so have answered. Can't say anything about the others who have visited it. We will help out as much as possible, but we don't always spend the entire day online here. Sorry.

      Oh... and if you're looking for retailers for your board, then check out the "What Should I Buy" area. There is a rather extensive list of Australian online retailers broken down by city, so it may be of some help to you.
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